“Paprium”, il nuovo titolo di Watermelon Games per Mega Drive finalmente prenotabile.

Dopo 4 anni di sviluppo, “Paprium”, il nuovo picchiaduro a scorrimento per Sega Mega Drive, è finalmente disponibile per la prevendita.
Sviluppato dalla Watermelon Games, famosi per “Pier Solar”, questo nuovo titolo, ispirato fortemente dalla serie “Streets of Rage”, può vantare l’appellativo di “gioco più grande per Mega Drive”, con i suoi 80 Mega di dati.
Venduto nella CLASSIC EDITION, region free, a 69,00 dollari;
LIMITED EDITION, da scegliere nei formati USA, JAP e EU (cambierà solo la cover, il gioco rimane region free) a 89,00 dollari.
Ma non è tutto, per l’occasione, al prezzo di 150,00 dollari, viene proposto il GRAND STICK 3, un fighting stick realizzato per l’occasione con livrea “Paprium”.

Dal sito ufficiale: 
 After more than 4 epic years of development, WaterMelon Games is proud to present its new 16-Bit game:PAPRIUM (code-name: “ProjectY”), a postapocalyptic, outrageous, street brawler. PAPRIUM has been crafted at WM’s Magical Game Factory using Investor’s votes and suggestions. PAPRIUM has been developed by a team driven by true passion and 16-Bit excellence.
Year 8A2, somewhere at equidistant point between Shanghai, Tokyo and Pyongyang, a Megapolis rose from ashes of the shortest but most devastating nuclear war in history, its name is PAPRIUM. BRUTAL, MASSIVE. You will fight your way through the city with Tug, Alex and Dice. Redefine the word justice, deal with the BLU drug temptation, and more importantly: STAY ALIVE!

Nothing’s too grand for the ultimate Mega Drive/Genesis game:
 Size Shock: 80-MEG, +24 Levels, +5 Playable Characters!
 Speed Shock: Uncompromized 60fps advanced 16-bit visuals.
 Sound Shock: 48Khz x 24 channels (FM, PSG, DT128M16VA1LT).

No detail has been compromized:
 1 or 2 simultaneous player gameplay.
 Multiple game modes.
 Three save slots for a unseen-before brawler size.

PAPRIUM is available for pre-order in two outstanding editions:
 LIMITED edition, available in three regions (Japanese, Usa, Europe).
 CLASSIC edition, black clamshell box with black grid design.
Each edition includes the original 80-MEG game cartridge, a full color instruction manual, quality box, multiple goodies and extras. Game is compatible with both PAL and NTSC original Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game system. Game is region-lock free.




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